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"Picture a Future You Cannot See"

An Interdenominational Conference on Adoption, Foster Parenting, & Other Possibilities

Friday, November 10 – Saturday, November 11, 2017 
St Matthew Lutheran Church

2040 South Commerce Road

Walled Lake, MI 48390 
* Do you have young married couples among you who long to have and raise children?  That does not always come so naturally and sometimes not at all. 

* Are there families among you in which the parents long to show love and have an impact on the lives of more than just their own biological children? 

*Are there older singles in your midst who have never been blessed with marriage or the joys and challenges of raising a family but have love and resources to share? 

*Are there empty-nesters (who may or may not have married children or grandchildren) who long to do something that could make a difference in the life of someone who’s missed out on some of the blessings of ‘a forever family’? 
This conference is for those who may be interested in learning more about:

* adoption

* foster-parenting

* supporting or mentoring children and young adults who are either in the foster care system or who have ‘aged out’ of the system at around age 18 or 21 – but have never been adopted into a family and need to know that someone cares. 
[For more information, contact Mary Walden at 248-2313632] 

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