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A Doctor Explains the Abortion Procedure [15 minute VHS] Dr Noreen Johnson, an African  American  physician, explains in simple to understand terms, the various abortion procedures.


A Matter of Life and Death [16 minute VHS]  Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life presents the facts on abortion.  Methods of abortion, including partial birth abortion, are discussed.

After the Choice [25 minute VHS] Produced by Concerned Women for America.  Personal testimonies by women who have had abortions.


Christi’s Choice [28 minute VHS] The powerful true story of Christi Stile, an eighteen-year-old girl who was left severely handicapped, both mentally and physically, following a ‘safe and legal’ abortion in 1993.  Christi’s mother narrates the video, revealing how the abortion experience has affected the life of her entire family.

Making Abortion Unthinkable: The Art of ProLife Persuasion  [VHS & CD-ROM]  This interactive resource, produced by Stand to Reason, is an engaging easy-to-follow, well-reasoned, “plug & play” seminar with all you need to train a group in the art of pro-life persuasion.  The packet   includes five one-hour interactive training segments on video plus comprehensive student and teacher manuals in PDF format on CD-ROM.  It includes discussion, role-playing, tactical tips, self-assessment and more.  The scientific and philosophical cases against abortion are covered thoroughly.  You’ll also learn how to answer the objections pro-abortionists use.


Meet the Abortion Providers [55 minute VHS] Viewer discretion advised. Graphic pictures. Reveals the stark reality of what abortion is.  In this tape, former abortion providers tell their stories of why they became involved in the abortion business and why they eventually left.

No Easy Way Out [20 minute VHS] Pregnant and not knowing what to do, a young girl decides abortion is the easiest way out, except it isn’t that easy.  This video mixes a realistic dramatization with real interviews from women and a man who found out the hard way that abortion is not an easy ‘solution’ to a crisis pregnancy.


Partial Birth Abortion: Riveting Eyewitness Testimony [30 minute VHS] Brenda Pratt Shafer, RN, assigned to work in Dr Haskell’s abortion clinic, describes her personal experience in witnessing the partial-birth abortion procedure.

Reversing Roe: The Norma McCorvey Story [30 minute VHS] McCorvey, the Jane Roe of the 1973 Supreme Court decision making abortion legal, spent years working in abortions clinics and promoting the abortion cause.  In 1995, she had a complete change of heart!  This is Norma’s story.

The Missing Piece [60 minute VHS] Lee Ezell tells the dramatic story of her remarkable reunion with her daughter Julie.  It began in 1963 when Lee, a victim or rape chose to birth her baby and make an   adoption plan for her child.  This poignant, powerful story is a truly inspiring testimony of the power of love and faith to heal the wounds of the past.


The Silent Scream [28 minute VHS]  Using an ultrasound screen, former abortionist Dr Bernard Nathanson narrates what takes place during a first-trimester abortion.  This video provides  irrefutable evidence of the humanity of the unborn child.

Where Are You Now? [34 minute VHS]  Produced by Lutherans For Life.  Interviews with young individuals who faced a crisis pregnancy. Includes their choices and the consequences of their decisions.  Clear Gospel and chastity messages, inspirational music.  Suitable for adult and youth audiences.

Who Broke the Baby? [30 minute VHS]  Can be used in public and parochial school settings.  Based on Dr Jean Garton’s best-selling book of the same name.  Excellent for all ages, especially for youth.  Examines abortion from the standpoint of logic while penetrating the euphemisms and slogans that   obscure the real issue.


One in a Million [18 minute VHS] Recommended for teens.  Depicts a teenage boy hindered with a physical handicap struggling with his identity and meaning in life.  He discovers that even his life is not without purpose.  A dramatic turn in events portrays the deep significant void that each abortion leaves in the lives of other people.

Wings of Love  [20 minute VHS] We often think of handicapped children as a burden, when they more often are a wonderful blessing.  Here’s a boy with Down’s Syndrome who brings joy to his family.  You’ll see unconditional love that looks past the handicap and reaches to the heart of this very   special child.


A Date With Dr Death: Calling Dr Kevorkian [VHS] HBO’s American Undercover TV presentation.  Includes snippets of Kevorkian’s ‘client’ videos and interviews with Dr Death and families of his victims.


Bearing Burdens: An Alternative to Euthanasia  [25 minute VHS]  Produced by LFL of Wisconsin.  Death by choice or obligation.  A new ‘right’ for the handicapped, senile elderly and ill.  How should Christians respond?  The answers in Bearing Burdens will shock you, inform you, and warm your heart.

Euthanasia: False Light  [15 minute VHS]  Anti-Euthanasia Task Force.  Produced by Rita Marker, this video focuses on the need to provide dignity and compassionate care to the terminally ill.  The issues of physician-assisted suicide, pain management, and the tragic experience of legalized  euthanasia in  Holland are addressed.  Testimonies of three people who were diagnosed as terminal patients and are still “fighting the fight of life” are included.

When Is It Right to Die?  [20 minute VHS] American Life League.  Meet courageous people who, despite their physical handicap, prove that any obstacle can be overcome by God’s grace.  Joni Eareckson Tada tells her own story of victory despite a crippling accident, and is proof that every life is worth living.


Fearfully & Wonderfully Made  [DVD]  Produced by Answers in Genesis.  Dr David Menton explains from anatomical science and biology the truth of Psalm 139:13-16, which says that God weaves us together in the womb.  This illustrated lecture also reveals the amazing and intricate design of the womb and the processes of fertilization, implantation, embryonic development and birth itself.  The question is not when does life begin, but when does a person begin?


How Babies Grow  [5 minute VHS segment repeated twice]  A simple and beautiful telling of how the baby grows inside of the mother.  It doesn’t tell them how the baby “gets in” or “gets out”, just scientifically accurate facts of fetal development.

In the Womb  [89 minute DVD]  From the moment of conception, every human embryo embarks on an incredible nine-month journey of development.  National Geographic            Channel uses revolutionary 3-D and 4-D ultrasound imagery to shed light on the delicate, dark world of a fetus as never before.


Ultrasound: Eyewitness to the Earliest Day of Life  [9 minute abridged version]  Produced by Shari Richard.  Shows growth and development of a baby in utero from 4 weeks after conception until birth.


Ultrasound: Eyewitness to the Earliest Days of Life  [25 minute VHS]  Includes the same material as Ultrasound: Window to the Womb but without the segment on abortion.  Suitable for all ages.

You Are a Masterpiece [25 minute DVD] Crafted by medical and educational professionals, this DVD is sure to entertain children of all ages.  The amazing world of life before birth is revealed with state-of-the-art computer animation and captivating in-utero photography.


180 Course  [33 minute DVD]  Ray Comfort’s powerful two-part video will change your heart toward the least and the lost, giving you the compassion and confidence to speak to others about the value of life.  The study guide includes thought-provoking questions, suggested answers, personal stories, and additional materials.


A Father’s Heart  [20 minute VHS]  Fathers often get left out of the family—or are even encouraged to leave.  But a revived fatherhood is the hope of the family.  This  video explores the father’s crucial role in the family.

Eggsploitation [40 minute DVD] The infertility industry in the United States has grown to a multi-billion dollar business.  What is its main commodity?  Human eggs.  Young women all over the world are solicited by ads -- via college campus bulletin boards, social media, print and online classifieds – offering up to $100,000 for their ‘donated’ eggs to “help make someone’s dream come true.”  But who is this egg donor?  What are the short and long-term risks to her health?  Is she treated justly?  The answers to these questions will disturb you… Produced by the Center for Bioethics and Culture, Eggsploitation  spotlights the booming business of human eggs, told through the tragic and revealing stories of real women who became involved and whose lives have been changed forever.

Evolution: The Anti-God Religion of Death  [60 minute VHS]  This powerful video lecture by Ken Ham exposes the evil fruits of evolution.  The tragedy of abortion is revealed as an unfortunate, though expected result of many people holding to an evolutionary world-view.  There are answers in Genesis!

The Eyes Have It  [50 minute DVD]  Produced by Answers in Genesis  Dr David Menton presents a well-illustrated and easy-to-follow talk on the incredible designing ability of the Creator.

Facts and Bias: Creation vs Evolution — Two World Views in Conflict
[60 minute VHS]  Creationist Ken Ham expounds on the statement that evolution is not scientific, but an untestable story about the past.

For Life  [15 minute DVD] For Life shares the mission, message, and manner of Lutherans For Life!  For Life is the perfect tool for introducing LFL to pastors, teachers, laypeople, Sunday schools, congregations, and church groups.  A free study guide turns this DVD into a great Bible study!


God’s Gift of Life  [18 minute VHS total—in 3 graded segments]  Produced by Lutherans For Life of Michigan for use with the four-day printed curriculum God’s Gift of Life.  Each segment [Preschool, Grades 1-3, Grades 4-6] addresses the sanctity of all human life, from conception to death.

God Knew Your Name  [5 minute DVD]  Music by Rev James Likens to help you speak out for the unborn and to share God’s forgiveness with those who have made the wrong choice.  Produced by LCMS Commission on the Sanctity of Life.


God’s Miraculous Gift of Life [16 minute VHS] Lutheran businessman, Wally Bronner, of Frankenmuth, MI, shares his personal thoughts on the sanctity of life.

The Hearing Ear   [74 minute DVD]  Produced by Answers in Genesis.  Dr David Menton presents the wonderful intricacies of the human ear.


The Hearing Ear and The Seeing Eye  [65 minute DVD]  Produced by Answers in Genesis.  Dr David Menton takes us on a journey into the marvelous intricacies of the human ear and eye, which have the clear stamp of the Creator and leave skeptics speechless!

Inherently Wind: A Hollywood History of the Scopes Trial  [74 minute DVD] Produced by Answers in Genesis. Dr David Menton exposes the distortions and inaccuracies in the play and movie Inherit the Wind.

Letting Go  [20 minute VHS]  Produced by Bethany Christian Services.  Eight birth parents frankly describe their wide  array of experiences and emotions in deciding to release their child for  adoption.  This video examines difficult questions facing birth parents and shows how one of the toughest decisions imaginable can be the most loving one for you and your baby.

Life is Sacred  [6 minute VHS] Produced by Focus on the Family.  Emphasizes that life is sacred  because man is created in the image of God.


Life: It’s a Class Project!  [45 minute VHS]  Produced by LCMS Commission on the Sanctity of Life.  What if God taught biology?  This engaging, intense film deals with issues such as pre-marital sex, teen suicide, euthanasia, and abortion.


Life on the Line  [22 minute VHS]  Produced by American Life League.  Highlights Celebrate the Life video programs which emphasize the value of all life — born and pre-born, old and young.  Includes ‘bytes’ on fetal development, fetal surgery, neo-natal care, abortion survivors, and physician-assisted suicide.

Lucy, She’s No Lady  [58 minute DVD]  Produced by Answers in Genesis.  ‘Lucy’ is the popular name given to the famous fossil skeleton found in 1974 in Ethiopia by American anthropologist Donald Johanson. To many people, ‘Lucy’ is regarded as a certain link between ape-like creatures and man—thus supposedly proving evolution. Dr David Menton shows that the famous ‘Lucy’   fossils belong to a knuckle-walking, apelike creature … who was not a lady!


Maafa 21  [DVD]  This movie exposes a plan to create ‘racial purity’ that began 150 years ago and is still being carried out right now.  It’s about the ties between the Nazis, the American eugenics movement and today’s ‘family planning’ cartel. 

Parenting Today  [40 minutes each VHS]  Produced by AAL. The five video series includes:
#1—Baby Steps—The First 12 Months
#2—Small Steps, Giant Leaps — 1 to 3 Years
#3—Today’s Steps, Tomorrow’s Path—3 to 5 Years
#4—Steps and Starts—The Middle Years...6 to 10 Years
#5—Stepping Toward Independence—11 to 15 Years


Prayer  [22 minute VHS]  “Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit,” says the Lord.  Can prayer really change things?  Documents how the pro-life movement needs to focus on God before going into battle.  The victory is in Jesus Christ alone.

Tactics in Defending the Faith  [3 audio tapes & outline]  Produced by Stand to Reason.  In this audio seminar, Greg Koukl trains people to tactically defend their faith using real life illustrations.

We Are For Life  [VHS]  This is a closed caption production of the For Life DVD designed for the hearing impaired.


Altering the Blueprint: The Ethics of Genetics  [CD of recorded lectures plus Study Guide]  In this intriguing series of lectures, Professor Alexander McCall Smith, Professor of Medical Law at Scotland’s University of Edinburgh, explores the startling and unsettling ethical choices that humans face now that medical technology has made it possible to guide the hand of creation with increasing levels of precision.


Stem Cells: Beyond Hype Real Hope  [6 minute DVD]  Produced by Family Research Council.  An excellent discussion of the two types of stem cell research...embryonic stem cell research, which has evidenced no successes, and adult stem cell research, which has produced many  successful medical treatments.

Stem Cell Research and Cloning 101: A Primer  [37 minute DVD plus Discussion Guide]  Produced by Lutherans For Life Inc and hosted by Rev. Dr. James Lamb, Executive Director of LFL. He says, "I want to make it clear from the beginning that this presentation is not going to be complicated and hard to understand. I will be presenting the basics of stem cell research and cloning. There are two reasons for that. First, I am not a scientist or an expert in these areas so I cannot make it complicated! Second, all we need to know are the basics. Once we understand the basic biology involved, we will be able to apply God’s Word to these technologies—and God’s Word is where we want to begin."


After the Choice  [25 minute VHS]   Produced by Concerned Women for America.  Personal testimonies by women who have had abortions.

Will I Cry Tomorrow?  [22 minute VHS]  Produced by American Life League.  Meet Dr Susan Stanford-Rue at the Institute for Abortion Recovery and Research, who herself suffered from post-abortion stress.  She works to help other women receive emotional, psychological and spiritual healing.


A Clean Heart for a New Start  [30 minute VHS]  Produced by Josh McDowell Ministries.  “You can’t become a virgin again once you’ve lost your virginity—there’s only one fist time. But, I believe you can become a virgin again, spiritually.”  Josh McDowell explains the steps to regaining  spiritual virginity...from confession, forgiving one’s self, and then on to showing fruits of repentance he provides hope and encouragement in the fact that a fresh start is always possible.


Cathy’s Choice [46 minute VHS] This film exposes negative peer pressure and demonstrates the proven methods of making good decisions.  It also shows how teens can have friends without  compromising their standards.

For Wedlock Only [22 minute VHS]  The Durfields teach children the value of chastity and show parents how to guide their children in the right direction.


Hope and Healing: Coming Out of Homosexuality  [10 minute VHS]  Produced by Family Research Council.  Testimonies of former homosexuals who have rejected the lie that they can’t change and who have been restored to heterosexuality.  Discussion guide included.

The Myth of Safe Sex [53 minute VHS]  Video #2 of Focus of the Family’s Life on the Edge series.   Dr James Dobson and Dr Joe McIlhaney emphasize the medical implications of promiscuity,  leading to today’s epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases.

No Apologies: The Truth About Life, Love, Sex  [30 minute VHS] Produced by Focus on the Family.  Most teens will make smart decisions about sex, but first they need to hear the truth.  This powerful, hope filled video delivers an unforgettable message about the importance of waiting until marriage to have sex.

No Second Chance [30 minute VHS] Jeremiah Films. Medical experts and health educators explain what AIDS is and how it is contracted, the difficulty in recognizing an AIDS carrier, the risks associated with “safe sex” approaches, and the one sure-fire way to avoid infection.  The facts in this video could save the life of someone you know— because with AIDS, there is no second chance.


Sex Has a Pricetag  [55 minute VHS]  A hard hitting message from Pam Stenzel about the consequences of sex outside of marriage.

Sex & Love: What’s a Teenager to Do? [60 minute VHS]  Mary Beth Bonacci talks to teens about the “do’s” of chastity.  Using scripture and humorous, down-to-earth examples from teenage life, she shows that chastity is more than just abstinence— chastity is active.  It’s about loving — the right way.

Sex, Lies and The Truth [30 minute VHS]  Produced by Focus on the Family.  Young viewers come face to face with the realities of unwanted pregnancies, STDs and AIDS.  They meet kids just like themselves who gambled everything for a moment’s fling—–and those who lost it all to a deadly disease.


Talking to Teens About Taming the Tiger: Sex and Teens [30 minute VHS]  Produced by Lutheran Hour  Ministries.  Dr Dale Meyer and Molly Kelly discuss how parents can address the topics of sexuality and chastity with their teens.  Discussion guide included.

Teen Sex: It Can Kill You [26 minute VHS]  Dr Stephen Genuis, author of the book Risky Sex, presents important medical information on adolescent sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, and decision making.

Winning the Sexual Revolution for Our Children [30 minute VHS]  Ricardo Montalban, Dr James Dobson and movie critic Michael Medved participate in interviews with renowned authors on the importance of family values and spiritual truths.  Gives valuable tips to parents on guarding their children from the detrimental effects of peer pressure, television and the movies.

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